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SHSAT Prep Lessons for Middle School Students

SHSAT Prep Lessons for Middle School Students

Prepare your child for academic excellence and unlock the doors to New York City’s
specialized high schools with our SHSAT group lessons. Tailored for middle school
students, these lessons are designed to enhance grammar, reading comprehension,
and math skills crucial for success in the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test
(SHSAT). Our group lessons consist of 8 students MAXIMUM, offering an extremely personalized approach for EACH student and their needs.

Key Features:
  1. Comprehensive Skill Enhancement: Dive into focused sessions to elevate grammar proficiency, master reading comprehension strategies, and sharpen math skills aligned with the SHSAT curriculum.
  2. Collaborative Learning Environment: Experience the power of group learning as students collaborate, share insights, and build a supportive community to navigate the challenges of the SHSAT together.
  3. Time Management Strategies: Acquire effective time management techniques to optimize performance within the 3-hour timeframe of the SHSAT, ensuring efficient completion of all sections.
  4.  Personal Growth and Confidence Building: Foster maturity and confidence in students, preparing them not only for the academic rigors of a specialized high school but also for the challenges of life beyond the exam.
Who Should Attend:

Middle school students aspiring to excel in the SHSAT, gain admission to specialized
high schools, and develop the skills necessary for academic success and personal

Course Outcomes:
  • Achieve a high SHSAT score to receive acceptance into NYC’s specialized high schools.
  • Strengthen grammar, reading comprehension, and math skills.
  • Master time management techniques for optimal exam performance.
  • Enhance maturity and confidence for success in a specialized high school and beyond.

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