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Great news!  Since our building is now labeled as being in the Yellow Zone defined by the Governor’s order, the swimming pool, fitness center and gym will reopen on Monday, October 26.  Group swim classes are reopening in November!
Beginning Tuesday October 13, 2020 the Kings Bay Y Learning Labs Program will begin operation temporarily as an emergency childcare program due to the recent closures of schools. MORE INFO
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How to Audition for TV, Film and Commercials On Camera

How to Audition for TV, Film and Commercials On Camera

Ages 5 – 14

Every Tuesday

Classes are ONGOING! Register NOW!

September 22 – November 10, 2020

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

8 Classes: $240.00 ($30.00 Per Class)

*Note that all CDC and New York City COVID guidelines will be strictly followed.*

Leif Riddell (Creator, Founder and Director of Leif’s Improv Acting Playhouse) has over 20+ years as a professional in the film, TV and entertainment industry.

The playhouse offers various seasonal classes specializing in improvisation, acting, on-camera training, scene study, audition processes, vocals and movement. These classes are ONGOING. Students who are not able to register at the beginning of the season can join in at any time!

Leif Riddell and the Playhouse staff encourage students to explore and take chances to improve acting skills and performance. Improvisational exercises/games help students discover and advance creative skills. Techniques are introduced that enable students to feel comfortable and confident.

Class Description:

Leif Riddell will introduce his unique approach for auditioning for TV, Film and Commercials (On-Camera). Classes consist of breaking down commercial copies/scripts and learning how to project our characters on-camera. Students will be coached in different areas and explore various skills necessary for on-camera performances (Master, two-shot, etc.).

Not only will the playhouse teach, prepare, and build self-esteem, the How to Audition for TV, Film and Commercials is perfect for J.H.S and H.S. students preparing for their upcoming Drama exams!

Contact us at: 718-648-7703 Ext. 220 or

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