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Kings Bay Y

Brooklyn Emergency Fund for Israel


  • Check donations can be made out to Kings Bay YM-YWHA and mailed to Kings Bay Y 3495 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11229 Attention: Andrew Brodsky
  • Wire transfers: Kings Bay YM-YWHA, Inc 3495 Nostrand Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11229.  TD Bank Account #4270447365  ABA# 026013673

Brooklyn Emergency Fund for Israel

A joint effort of Kings Bay Y, iMishpacha, Jewish Parent Academy, Marks Jewish Community House of Bensonhurst, Shorefront Y, and American Forum for Israel

Saturday’s brutal attack on Israel by the Hamas terrorists is reminiscent of the worst and darkest times in Jewish history.  Many are asking what they can do to help.   We are announcing our joint Brooklyn Emergency Fund for Israel. Spearheaded by Brooklyn’s Jewish grass-roots initiatives and CBOs, we are committed to full transparency and collective decision-making on fund allocation. We will address some acute needs in Israel by directing donations to the most needy causes. We know we are here for a long haul, and Israel’s needs will change as the situation on the ground remains fluid. The sponsoring organizations will handle all administrative expenses, with  100% of the collected funds being directed to the most urgent needs.

All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law. EIN: 11-3068515

These include:

* Helping the families of those who were murdered by Hamas terrorists, captured and brought to Gaza, and severely wounded

* Assisting needy families of the reserve soldiers who left their families to volunteer in combat service

* Restoring normalcy to the affected communities around Gaza/ Sderot by working with local municipalities and community centers.

Please give generously to those whose lives will never be the same! All donor names will be published, and our Israeli partner organizations will be identified.

Other ways to help Israel:

* Please share real stories of Hamas-inflicted terror on social media and engage those currently indifferent. We know from our experience that Israel’s righteous cause will be subverted by those who support the slaughter of Israeli innocents.

* Please get in touch with your US Senators and Congress members. They must hear from you. Thank them for their support if they stand with Israel and urge those who dither in their support for humanity to stand with Israel.

* Reach out to Israelis you know in Israel and check how they are doing. Your person-to-person support is invaluable to them at this dark hour.

* Attend rallies and vigils to demonstrate to the world that we will not stand silent in the face of this barbarian genocide.

Some dark days are ahead of us, but we believe in the power of Israel and her people, her sense of mission and purpose, and her people’s resilience.

We pray for those innocent souls who were murdered by Hamas terrorists and for those who are held hostage by the savages in the Gaza Strip.


  • Check donations can be made out to Kings Bay YM-YWHA and mailed to Kings Bay Y 3495 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11229 Attention: Andrew Brodsky
  • Wire transfers: Kings Bay YM-YWHA, Inc 3495 Nostrand Avenue Brooklyn, NY 1122.  TD Bank Account #4270447365  ABA# 026013673

Not since the Holocaust has this large a number of Jews been killed in a single day

Donor Amount
Galya Davis $25
Bella Karas $100
Susan Kaminsky $100
Larisa Mezhiborsky $200
Oksana Petrov $500
Diana Franceschi $100
Jillian Ennis $1,000
Lina Ostrovsky $50
Lori Pandolfo $50
Yevgeniy Prokhin $1,000
Ayelet Amsalem $250
Tatyana Khazanova $100
Maya Swigi $100
David Boyko $50
Yan Vilensky $360
Ben Novik $100
Kerry Kantin $1,000
Marina Donskaya $1,000
Jordana Kenny $50
Alex Usatin $200
Dmitriy Gorelik $500
Gina Tom Anderson $250
Dmitry Nadelson $360
Giana Fattorusso $20
Beba Trosman $50
Alina Ruvinov $36
Jeffrey Zelin $100
Anthony Sneag $360
Crystal Tholany $100
Janet $100
Sara Kagan $100
Tobey Ben Aderet $50
Elizabet Borodin $100
Alexander Stoler $500
Bracha Shotkin $50
Tali Studnitski $72
Leon Stepensky $180
Victor $100
Anna Osipova $50
Diana Masyukova $100
Eric Platt $36
Alisa Kotlyar $20
Gabriel Zumpano $250
Monica Lengel $50
Boris Chertog $50
Rachel Evelkin $250
David Lozner $1,000
Justin Cooper $50
Mikhail Keyserman $100
Ayelet Amsalem $555
Nathaniel Ori Zeltser $500
Anastasiia Bezsmertna $150
Caroline Hagood $50
Rachel Miller $50
Michael Shafir $2,000
Valerie Lugovaya $20
Ilya Kleyner $50
Lisa Rothman $100
Alexander Yukhvidov $18
Judith Kawas $100
Marina Pesochinsky $100
Leonard Petlakh $1,000
Zoya Reznik $250
Anastasia Maslova $200
Stanislav Erimayev $50
Ilona Zeltser $200
Alex & Olesya Beygelman $300
Harris Kaplan $200
Anna Osipova $100
Yelena Garber $100
Tali Kagan $100
Tali Tagan $50
Jaden Kirshner $100
Dmitry Shiglik $5,000
Elza Maktaz $50
Eliza $250
Aleksandra Mayman $100
Rina Kirshner $10,000
Alexander & Yelena Mishkevich $10,000
Hannah Carmi $50
Marlen Kruzhkov $20,000
Faye Levine Guskin $100
Christine B $100
Elizabeth Levina $3,000
Alexis Ravitch $100
Jason Vasquez $504
Edward Krutko $300
Pamela Chernyakhovsky $200
Steven Mehler $50
Roman Osmanov $50
Olga Getis $200
Liana Meleshkin $300
Ashley Weinstein $1,112
John Henry $500
Leonid and Yelena Vayner $10,000
Stephen Reiner $250
Elizabeth Levina $200
Valerie Lugovaya $40
George Smokey $100
Marina Livchits $100
Ivy Beloff $150
Lane Czura $50
Zacha Vonnegut-Gabovitch $500
Laura Paliani $150
Aurum Olshansky $100
Esfira Petraru $54
Aleksey Kocherov $500
Eady Shebroe $50
Genia Bekker $500
Leonid Gekhman $504
Linda Kushner $100
Hedi Hruby $180
Natalia and Alex Stekol $200
Boris Sandler $100
Natalie Maksin $360
Harold Schwartz $3,400
Rachel Waxman $300
Devra Block $100
Arporn Koval $100
Cheryl Gelibeter $36
Rhea Farbman $36
Boris Gruzman $360
Njoki Gitahi $200
Irena Offengenden $2,500
Milana Shabekova $100
Yelena Razdolskaya $200
Yanina Kostina $100
Caroline Rojek $150
Stanley Veksler $100
Yelena Mann $25
Robin Joseph $180
Irina Vilenskiy $540
Paul Metrinko $150
Mark Plesser $500
Avi and Elana Spira $1,000
Jonathan Jacobi $500
Edith $200
Anton Potter $200
Sergy Green $200
Brett Cohen $360
Robert Chazin $300
Yafitte & David Bendory $720
Kerry Frum $500
Kandice Stevens $100
Sarah Ritter $100
Marian Rosenberg, Alla Godelman and Liana Meleshkin $2,000
Liana Meleshkin $150
Alla Godelman $180
Marian Rosenberg $100
Steel Core Engineering $300
Boris Tiomkin $1,000
Lacey Hagen $50
Rostislav Balagula $150
Christl Pelikan $1,000
Viktoriya Zaslavskaya $50
Jonathan Jacobi $500
Gottleib Family Fund $500
Inna Ishkhanyan $100