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Kings Bay Y Summer Day Camp FAQs

As of April 27, 2021

Looking to build off the success of Summer Camp 2020, where we are proud to announce that there was not a single reported confirmed case of COVID-19, we know our plan for Summer Camp 2021 will be even more exciting due to having last year’s experience on the record. Kings Bay Y will be adhering strictly to all NYC and NYS COVID-19 regulations for Summer 2021

To aid you in your decision-making process and help answer your questions about the modifications we’re making, we’ve compiled this handy Q&A.

Does Kings Bay Y have the permit to operate camp during Summer 2021?

Yes, the Kings Bay Y Summer Day Camp has already received its permit as a result of forward planning from the moment Camp 2020 concluded.

Where can I find the dates and prices for the Kings Bay Y Camps?

Please visit our Programs Page to view the dates for the 2021 Kings Bay Y Summer Camps as well as the fees for the camps.

How can I register my child?

Please visit our registration page where you will be able to log in and follow the prompts to register your child[ren].

How can I add weeks to my child’s schedule?

Please email us at and we’ll be happy to make any needed changes.

When is the payment due date?

The full payment is due on or before June 1, 2021.  Late fees will begin to apply beginning June 2nd, 2021.

What is the group size at the Kings Bay Y camps?

The ratio of children to staff is no more than 15 campers to 2 counselors per group.  Please note that the Kings Bay Y runs a specialist based model in which group counselors are not responsible for the activity planning or implementation of activities.  This is done strictly by our trained professionals in each specialty activity period.

Where is the camp located?

The Kings Bay Y Summer Camps utilize our Bay Ridge Campus, located inside of the Fort Hamilton Army Base. Our Bay Ridge Campus is a beautiful, gated 177 acre outdoor facility on a country-like campus featuring green grass fields, outdoor pool, water activity course, private eight-lane bowling alley, 400 seat theater, basketball courts, archery range, multiple activity classrooms, arcade & cafe on site, and so much more.

Will the camp cancel activities on a rainy day?

The beauty of having a 177 acre campus is that our parents don’t need to worry about taking off from work due to a rainy day. Our Bay Ridge Campus offers plenty of indoor space and we can easily transition most activities indoors to continue on with our campers’ day. The only caveat is that we might need to cancel swimming as our Olympic size pool is outdoors.

Does the Camp offer transportation?

We offer bus stop transportation from various neighborhoods including Sheepshead Bay, Marine Park, Bay Ridge, Manhattan Beach, Mill Basin, Bergen Beach, Brighton Beach, Gerritsen Beach, Gravesend, Midwood, Coney Island, Bensonhurst, Dyker Heights, etc. To view our sample bus stop routes, please visit our Transportation page. We are, currently, in the process of creating the bus stop routes for Summer 2021 and will update our transportation page shortly.

Can I tour the camp site?

Great question.  We are very proud of our campsite and would love nothing more than to show it off.  However COVID-19 has brought upon some enhanced safety protocols that we must follow when considering touring the site.  At this time Group Tours are NOT being offered at our Bay Ridge Campus but as the world continues to slowly return to normalcy, we are happy to reexamine this as we move closer to Summer.    For more information please visit our Tours page to learn more about our tour and information sessions.

How will lunch and food distribution be handled?

Campers will receive both a hot lunch and afternoon snack daily.  Our Lunch activity space has been moved fully outdoors to ensure safety remains our top priority at all times.  Camp menus are expected to be released no later than May 15th, 2021 for our families viewing pleasure.  Please feel free to check the page accordingly for updates or contact a member of our staff directly.

Can my child be placed in the same group as their friend?

Absolutely! There are two ways that this could be done. As you fill out the application, please add the friends’ first and last name[s] into the question for “special requests”. If you’ve already submitted the application, just send us the first and last name[s] of the friend[s] and we’ll ensure to group the campers together.

What will my child need to bring to camp each day?

Every day, we ask for the campers to bring in the following items: Refillable water bottle, sunscreen, hat, swim-suit, towel, and wear closed toe shoes as flip flops and shoes without closed backings will not be permitted in our activity portions.  Water shoes are allowed in the pool. Please note that you will receive communications in the event of additional items that are recommended if needed for specific activity weeks.  For those families who feel a change of clothes may be necessary, please feel free to send this as well.

If my child misplaces or loses an item, what can we do?

Please feel free to contact our camp office team as soon as you notice the item is missing.  Our program maintains a lost and found on a yearly basis.  In an effort to keep our lost-and-found to a bare minimum, please consider labeling items with special distinguishable marks (as names are not recommended) for when trying to retrieve misplaced items.

Covid-19 Updates

Are you really going to be able to effectively promote social distancing within your facility? How can groups effectively be managed?

Kings Bay Y Summer Day Camp’s location and facilities lend themselves to social distancing. The Fort Hamilton Army Base in Bay Ridge gives us 177 acres of usable space, which includes sports fields, two outdoor swimming pools, indoor gyms, theater, bowling alley, and bike trails. This amount of space — a rare commodity in Brooklyn — allows us to place campers in groups of no more than 15*, rotating between indoor and outdoor activities every hour. Separating groups into different zones will help to ensure limited contact with other campers and will help to effectively contain any potential spread of the virus.

*subject to Department of Health guidelines

Being that the base is 177 acres, will my child be walking from location to location?

The base is quite large but scheduling is generally done in a manner that limits the need to travel long distances between activity periods.  Additionally, the Kings Bay Y Summer Day Camp employs shuttle services (bus transportation) that remain on the base daily when necessary for long rides and pool activities.

Can you please go into detail about your plans for personal protection for campers & staff, sanitization procedures, and medical protocols?

Our top priority remains the safety of our campers and staff. Guidelines are constantly being updated and we will keep families up to date with changes. In 2020, the following applied and will continue unless otherwise noted in future publications:

  • Medical form and COVID-19 waivers are required for each participating camper.
  • Temperature screens will be required DAILY before entering the facility.
    Select staff members who will undergo individual training to conduct screenings in the proper manner and will be assigned this post on a daily basis.
  • All staff will be required to wear protective face coverings while on shift.
  • Sanitizing and hand-washing stations will be located in all classrooms, field spaces, and active usable camp spaces.
  • Bathrooms will be deep-cleaned frequently with personal attendants on duty to provide cleanliness checks.
What is your mask policy for Summer 2021?

As we all know, this summer’s final camp regulations are not yet issued by the Department of Health and we are updating our policy in anticipation of this still fluid COVID situation. As a result of our deliberations and in anticipation of NYC’s guidelines for day camps, we are implementing some COVID safety-related changes to our MASK policies.

Use of Masks by Summer Camp Staff

All Staff will be REQUIRED to wear masks at all times during camp hours with the exception of lunch meals and during water breaks.

Use of Masks by Campers while utilizing our Transportation (Bus Stops & Shuttling)

ALL Campers and Staff will be REQUIRED to wear masks when on camp buses (Bus Stops, Kings Bay Y Shuttling, and Bay Ridge Campus Shuttling).

Use of Masks by Campers during OUTDOOR Activities 

As per NYS Governor Orders (released March 2021) children WILL NOT be  REQUIRED to wear masks during outdoor activities and during swimming.  We are awaiting updated guidance from the NYC DOH in regards to rules regarding additional outdoor activities.

Use of Masks by Campers during INDOOR Activities (UPDATED 4/15/2021)

Campers will be REQUIRED to wear masks INDOORS during activities (barring medical exemptions).  We are still awaiting guidance regarding indoor sporting activities specifically for large areas that allow for proper social distancing.

As more guidance is provided by our governing health agencies, we will update accordingly.

Please keep in mind that our Camp is run on a beautiful 177-acre campus that allows us to maximize time spent outdoors in our separate cohort model!  Although it is not a barometer of success, we are once again excited to report that we as a program had 0 reported positive cases of COVID-19 in summer camp 2020, and we attribute this to the high level of commitment to safety exhibited by our camp leadership and families alike.

Will staff and or campers be required to receive the COVID -19 vaccine prior to the start of camp?

The Kings Bay Y Summer Day Camp strictly adheres to the regulations set forth by the NYC Department of Health. At the moment, the DOH does not require the COVID-19 vaccine. However, as a community organization, we strongly encourage anyone who is eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to do so.

How will trips and transportation work?

We do not yet have a concrete answer, as guidelines have not been released in relation to allowability of trips. Rest assured we are prepared in either case as we have our incredible staff creating trip itineraries with exclusivity rights in mind in the event clearances are granted.

Morning and afternoon transportation will follow a similar format from 2020 on our air-conditioned buses. Camp families will be provided with a list of pre-determined stop locations to select from if interested in utilizing these services. Please note that our stops have been designed to limit the amount of travel time on each highlighted route.

Detailed bus transportation guidelines will be released as they become available.

What kind of activities should we expect to see in camp this year with all of these new guidelines being promoted?

Having the Bay Ridge Campus as our location allows us to continue our fantastic activities as we bring specialists directly to us! We are putting a keen focus on providing campers with awesome specialty activities led by professionals in their fields. These include:

Arts & Crafts


Improv & Acting


Science & STEM

Biking, Skating, 360-Scooters




RC Cars

Ga-ga and 9 Square

Water Activity Course

Jumbo Game Land






Martial Arts


Check back frequently for our exciting updates as Summer Camp 2021 will surely have some incredible new surprises.

We want to mention that swimming in 2021 may follow a similar format from the previous camp year. It will be a bit different from an operational procedure standpoint, as groups will be heavily limited while utilizing pool space.  Locker rooms will be utilized in sections with additional spaces constructed to provide a social distance-friendly changing location. To learn more about our swim safety plan, please visit our Safety page.

Will communication procedures to families be updated this year?

Communication has always been a key talking point for our programs. Families will be sent up-to-date correspondences whenever a relevant piece of information, both camp and procedural (COVID-19), becomes available.  Our office staff will be on call daily from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. with emergency numbers and contact emails provided for outside of standard business hours.

My child has a pre-existing medical condition. Does this mean that he/she cannot attend camp?

This is a question that is very difficult to answer. The CDC has noted that children with underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, heart conditions and breathing issues face a much greater risk of complications from COVID-19. While the decision of whether to send your child to camp is, of course, a personal one, we must note the severity and the risk associated with a summer camp for children with underlying medical conditions.

I want to register for camp, but I do not know what the state of the world will be like then. What do I do?

This is perhaps the billion-dollar question, and truth be told we are in the same predicament as you are in our knowledge. It is for this very reason that we have established a refund policy that states the following:

If we cannot operate the camp, we will be offering full refunds to our families. You will additionally have the option to roll over your child’s tuition to any future program or donate it back to camp.

In the event that camp begins as scheduled, the refund policy will adhere to the same standard as previous years with deposits Fully Refundable until June 1, 2021

We’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Please contact us at or call us at 718-648-7703.