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Kings Bay Y

Ace It Academics

About Ace It Academics

Ace It Academics was born out of a passion for learning and educational success.  Our individualized teaching approach aims to address the unique needs of each of our students and deliver the highest level of instruction.  We take the time to build the foundational trust and understanding necessary to properly guide students along their academic journeys towards success.  Our commitment to both advising and mentoring, in addition to our tutoring services, has garnered our exceptionally high level of customer satisfaction and driven Ace It Academics’ exponential growth.

         Our instructors, carefully selected to ensure that they have strong academic track records, are rigorously trained to simplify complex topics and effectively present easily understandable material to your child.  Guided by patience and integrity, we aim to deliver an unmatched learning experience that will propel your child to new scholastic heights and instill in them a love of learning.  We tailor our private and group learning options to help each student achieve their personal best.

        At Ace It Academics, we strive to address the individual needs of our students, set clear goals, track progress, and work with parents to help students increase scores and boost classroom confidence.  Through our partnership with Kings Bay Y, we will create meaningful connections with our community and help our young scholars fulfill their potential.  No matter if it’s general subject help, standardized test preparation, application assistance, or interview coaching, we’ll help you Ace It and achieve academic success!

 Have a question or need more information about the program? Contact Steven at (646) 470-4762.

Elementary K-5


Middle School (Grades 6-8)


High School (Grades 9-12)