How to find the best Summer Camp for your kid

As a parent, you always want the best for your kid. You pay attention to any possible trait or a skill they might develop, and naturally, you want to help to improve it. Make it really stand out. But here comes the negative part - occasionally we’ve got our own life to take care of, and 24 hours rarely is enough to spend it on everything you care. And even if you prioritize your timetable to give yourself all out for children, still, at certain age parents become annoying, and not so fun to be around. At this age, they might use some different scenery around and get used to situations when they are not capped with parents care. Yeah, I’m talking about summer camps. It works different for each individual, but for myself, I’ve developed one of the strongest friendly relationships that lasted through decades in summer camp back in a day.

Nowadays there’s a plenty of different places for you or your kid or an entire family. At times, it becomes significantly hard to navigate through all intricacies of activities, fees, and camp types. Some may be religiously oriented or with heavy sports programs. If we’re talking about popular summer camps, they get booked months before the beginning. But, don’t you worry, there’s plenty of places where your kid can stay safe, learn something new, develop social skills and just stay busy. In any case, here are a couple of tips on how to select the best summer camp.

1. Look for your kid’s interests.

It may be obvious, but still, it’s the most important issue. You don’t want your child to be bored or not involved in overall activities. You noticed that your kid loves computers and science - it’s one of the most popular option available - science summer camps. Same goes for sport and art camps. It’s a good idea to check local arts center or orchestra first. Even if they don’t have available options, they might redirect you to another option around the corner.

2. Check where their friends are going.

For the most part, the scariest experience for a kid - is to face new environment alone, where he doesn’t know a single person. This is especially the case in sleep away camps. It can be quite frustrating and lead to tears and heavy homesickness. But if you’re going for a trip with your friend/friends it’s totally another story. In addition, parents of your kid's friends might have done some research for you and give you some advice at least on what’s the best location available.
Of course, it doesn’t mean, that you have to stick your kid to someone and relax, however, this might be a perfect solution if you’re sure your child is 100% comfortable with his friend and they share a common interest of the camp program.

3. Non-profits and Community colleges

If you’ve decided that sleep away option is not acceptable, you should definitely go check out your local non-profits organizations, as they might have museums, fine arts centers, concert halls and other facilities within your community. Also, traditionally it may get way cheaper than other profit-oriented camps.
Also, there’s quite a big chance that your kid will get something special unavailable anywhere else. For example, you might find an art gallery with professional painting courses around your corner or your local theater might give behind the scenes look at rehearsals. Many of those camps offer good deals in terms of membership access. And it’s certainly achievable to get a superb deal for the whole year and entire family.

4. Discounts and season deals.

It’s totally okay to ask for a discount and develop a certain relationship with the camp of your choosing. Lookin out for season deals might really get a decent cut of the money you end up paying. And sometimes, those prices seem very monstrous.
However, it’s totally possible to get a discount if you’re sending more than one child to a camp. So if you’ve spent some time around neighbors it’s quite possible to assemble a group of children and get a solid discount.  Get on the wait lists and don’t fall off if it doesn’t work for the first time.

5. Get the details.

Shortly after the ideal camp is found and the price is set, the actual investigation commences. It truly is more challenging to begin inquiring queries on how the camp handles items like willpower or conflict amid campers, how the camp staff and counselors are screened and knowledgeable, and especially just what is camp’s return rate. However, folks, here are vital inquiries to question, exclusively on condition that most summertime camps, especially the sleep-away type, are parent-free zones.
The American Camp Affiliation has a superb listing of inquiries you could possibly want to question with reference for each working day camps and sleep away camps. The ACA, needless to say, strongly recommends only to visit camps that were approved by their standards.

Lastly, don’t do it all by yourself. Get your kid involved in the search as well. It might become a lot easier and fun for both of you. Of course, they won’t be able to estimate budget, but in the end, it’s their journey, you’re just assisting them with it.
So don’t be afraid to ask questions, and you have a right to know all the tiny details of a chosen camp. Certainly, there’s a perfect option for your kid out there waiting, you just have to find it! If you happen to be around Brooklyn area, visit as they have numerous programs of all kinds, from sports to marketing and public relations.

Happy summer!

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